¿Cómo escribir la introducción de un artículo científico?

I recently saw this video on academic writing shared on Facebook. It is from the Casa d’Estudis El Pont. It is a podcast/lecture from a class on how to write the introduction of your paper, and there is a corresponding PowerPoint slideshow as a visual aid. It is a good resource, and in Spanish! Please view using the followingContinue reading “¿Cómo escribir la introducción de un artículo científico?”

Use Specific Adjectives and Precise Descriptions

Perhaps one of the easiest ways a language learner can improve their expression, communication, and writing in another language is by increasing their vocabulary. This isn’t an easy task, but you can first focus on using more specific and more descriptive terminology when communicating an idea. This is especially applicable to technical, academic, and scientificContinue reading “Use Specific Adjectives and Precise Descriptions”

What makes a good translator? (LIST)

What makes a good translator? I have compiled a list of some of the qualities that I consider to define an excellent translator. A good translator has: Extensive knowledge of target language. While it is obvious that an excellent translator must have working knowledge of two languages, it is also essential that they have superbContinue reading “What makes a good translator? (LIST)”

The Many Trees of Denver (part 1)

As a new resident of Colorado, I found myself outside exploring the other day after an abrupt desire to get out of the house after a long day of working on my laptop.  When the desire hits, I often just walk. Mostly towards areas of green space, parks, or wherever the path is enjoyable toContinue reading “The Many Trees of Denver (part 1)”