The Many Trees of Denver (part 1)

As a new resident of Colorado, I found myself outside exploring the other day after an abrupt desire to get out of the house after a long day of working on my laptop.  When the desire hits, I often just walk. Mostly towards areas of green space, parks, or wherever the path is enjoyable to walk down. Following the green along the horizon, I was able to navigate myself to a nearby park. I was thoroughly excited upon my find, as viewing from my apartment the park would appear to be completely cut off by a freeway. However, as I have found Colorado to be rather amazingly up-to-par on their outdoor infrastructure, a cement bridge connected and carried me over the top of the freeway to an large stretch of green, a park with natural vegetation and an ongoing reforestation project, alongside biking trails and a Frisbee course. No, not a golf course, but something similarly designed to do with Frisbees.

Even more surprising to me as I kept walking was the immense diversity of trees that had been planted along the neatly manicured walking path that eventually wrapped around and directed me towards a more traditional park full of long waves of grass and baseball fields. Circling the immense stretch of green, I was fascinated by the different shapes of leaves, different shades of green and different silhouettes cast by the numerous species of tree. The parks I knew in California tended to stick to a somewhat standard pattern of tree staggering and often to only one or two species. Upon later investigation I learned that this is actually an ongoing effort and even contemplated at the legislative level, and Denver is home to one of the United States’ “best” urban forests!



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