A list of my favorite journals/publications/websites

I regularly read the following journals/publications/websites: Nature (academic) Science (academic) Popular Science Smithsonian Orion Scientific American sciencedaily.com I also enjoy the Best American Science & Nature Writing anthology. A new volume comes out yearly and with a different editor (and hence different opinion and selection criteria), and I always enjoy reading the article compilations onContinue reading “A list of my favorite journals/publications/websites”

Shortest Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Occasionally, I read a book or see a movie that blows me out of the water. I especially enjoy this sensation when I was expecting to mildly enjoy the book or film, yet it far exceeded my expectations. I had this exact feeling while reading this book. Taking place during World War II, the storyContinue reading “Shortest Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr”

How many words does a translator translate per day?

I have read and heard from several different sources that a professional translator can translate 3,000–3,500 words per day, as an average figure. However, this range can vary a lot. I think this number of words is very doable in translating from one Romance language to another (Spanish to Italian) or from a Germanic languageContinue reading “How many words does a translator translate per day?”

Usage of indefinite (a/an) and definite (the) articles

Articles (a/an/the) are used to describe nouns (so they are placed right before a noun). Examples:        the boat, a mother, the bees, an antelope, the computer, an hour Some of the most frequent corrections I make during editing involve articles and their usage. But, I promise that article usage is really easy once toContinue reading “Usage of indefinite (a/an) and definite (the) articles”

Will a robot take your job?

Will a robot take your job? The BBC has developed a tool to figure this out, based on data supplied by Michael Osborne and Carl Frey from Oxford University’s Martin School. Check out the web page, here. When I first saw this article I was immediately worried. Automatic translations and translation tools abound, and IContinue reading “Will a robot take your job?”

What am I doing in Hackberry, Arizona?

Several people have asked me what I am doing in Hackberry, Arizona. I ask myself the same question every single day, mind you! It is an area that you could consider the middle of nowhere, backwoods, boondocks, back country, hinterlands of Arizona, the lion’s den, the place of no forgiveness and no return. It isContinue reading “What am I doing in Hackberry, Arizona?”

The Shortest Book Review: El Amante Japonés (The Japanese Lover) by Isabel Allende

  I very much enjoyed this book, it mildly but consistently kept my attention from start to finish. I have a slight obsession with Isabel Allende, and it is much in the same way that I admire Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert. A large part of my love for their work is due toContinue reading “The Shortest Book Review: El Amante Japonés (The Japanese Lover) by Isabel Allende”