The Shortest Book Review: El Amante Japonés (The Japanese Lover) by Isabel Allende


I very much enjoyed this book, it mildly but consistently kept my attention from start to finish.

I have a slight obsession with Isabel Allende, and it is much in the same way that I admire Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert. A large part of my love for their work is due to the fact that they are women and apart from being authors, they both are charming, charismatic, and lovely ladies who have led very interesting lives.

My admiration for Isabel Allende is usually met with one of two extremes – a lot of people out there are also fans while others see her as having become too mainstream. This same phenomenon has occurred over and over again with a lot of “creative professionals,” including musicians, poets, and actors.

Although I take a lot of interest in the mainstream and believe that it is also deserving of admiration, pride, and glory. The mainstream is just as interesting as the obscure to me, as it reflects the state of our society, our tastes, and how excellence comes to be or be defined as such.

And there is no denying that Isabel is an excellent writer – I love her ability to strike a balance between the beautiful and the informal in her writing, between what is exquisite and what is simply entertaining. She masterfully includes ordinary, almost insignificant details at times in her writing, yet this contributes to the nuanced sceneries throughout her works.

I also enjoy the fact that this book takes place in California, her adopted homeland, as I am also from the Golden State 🙂

I consider this book to be somewhat of a primer in magical realism for English speakers. And while this book is largely not magical, there is a wonderful twist at the end.  You will have to find it out for yourself, and you will only understand after arriving at the end of the novel!

Currently, I am reading All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr. I am excited that this book was available at my local library and will publish my thoughts, shortly.

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