What am I doing in Hackberry, Arizona?

Several people have asked me what I am doing in Hackberry, Arizona.

I ask myself the same question every single day, mind you!

It is an area that you could consider the middle of nowhere, backwoods, boondocks, back country, hinterlands of Arizona, the lion’s den, the place of no forgiveness and no return. It is also literally cow county – the zoning permits this. On my daily walks I frequently come across savage, wildling cows and their calves, coolly munching at grass and the other savage things that they eat, giving me those side-eye glances that say “I am watching you, Allison.”

Ok, perhaps that it is a bit extreme.

But I am along for the ride in my parents’ wish to retire to a sustainable, middle of nowhere ranch. They bought a property out here and with some solar energy, a water well, a recently finished home, and several baby chickens, are well on their way to becoming sustainable and also ready for the ever imminent apocalypse.


Although I do have internet and a nice workspace, which are my main requirements 🙂

Here are some interesting sightings:

A rogue pronghorn antelope


A deer at sunset


A strange looking seed pod


An alien footprint


A little family of javalis off in the distance..


And lots of semi-arid scenery!


Published by Allison M.

Technical and Scientific Writer, Editor, and Translator

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