Slippers and the Era of Trump

The other day I went to the store. For the last week or so I had been dreaming of buying myself some nice, warm, fluffy slippers now that autumn has come around in full force.

A Latina-looking woman was ahead of me in the check-out line. As she got to the front, the clerk started asking her questions—her phone number, etc.—the typical kinds of questions that you are asked in order to take advantage of your reward points and whatnot. However, the woman answered the clerk in a strong accent. The more she spoke, the more she seemed to be visibly nervous. She turned around and looked at me and the rest of the line, as if she was expecting a reaction. Again, the clerk asked her a question or two that she didn’t understand, and the woman seemed to get even more flustered. She turned around again, and I just instinctively smiled at her. We exchanged a moment, ever so slight, as if we both understood.

At the end of the day everyone purchased their shoes and pants and slippers. Everything seemed to be as normal, except it wasn’t. This is the new era of Trump.

Published by Allison M.

Technical and Scientific Writer, Editor, and Translator

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