As Thanksgiving approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude.

Certainly, at the heart of Thanksgiving is reminding ourselves for what we are thankful—and there are many reasons why we should be thankful. Psychology studies have shown that gratitude is, indeed, associated with happiness.

This year I have been feeling more grateful than years past.

From a business perspective, I feel grateful to have met and worked with some wonderful clients. Really, my life and my work would not be so interesting if I didn’t have the pleasure to read and edit and translate so many excellent scientific studies. Every day I am surprised and even encouraged by the ingenuity and intelligence of my clients. It makes me happy to know that the world is filled with such people, working hard every day to contribute science and to make the world a better place.

I am also thankful that freelancing appears to be working out and working well, much better than in the past. Certainly, this has been part of my dedication to improve as a business and also to continually improve my skills in writing, translating, and editing. I feel grateful to have a job that I finding challenging but also enjoyable (most of the time).

At a personal level, I am excited as well—I feel thankful to have a romantic, intelligent fiancé who always encourages me and who is quite easy to admire. He has the biggest heart in the world, and I am happy that he continues to save some room there for me.

Although gratitude may in part be appreciation for what we have, perhaps another aspect is realizing that most things in life, hardships included, are temporary and tend toward resolution, as long as we allow ourselves to follow that path. The universe would tell us otherwise, that everything tends toward entropy and increasing disorder. Yet perhaps we humans are sufficiently delusional that we allow ourselves to create new stories and write new scripts amidst all that chaos.

Published by Allison M.

Technical and Scientific Writer, Editor, and Translator

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