A list of my favorite journals/publications/websites

I regularly read the following journals/publications/websites: Nature (academic) Science (academic) Popular Science Smithsonian Orion Scientific American sciencedaily.com I also enjoy the Best American Science & Nature Writing anthology. A new volume comes out yearly and with a different editor (and hence different opinion and selection criteria), and I always enjoy reading the article compilations onContinue reading “A list of my favorite journals/publications/websites”

How many words does a translator translate per day?

I have read and heard from several different sources that a professional translator can translate 3,000–3,500 words per day, as an average figure. However, this range can vary a lot. I think this number of words is very doable in translating from one Romance language to another (Spanish to Italian) or from a Germanic languageContinue reading “How many words does a translator translate per day?”

My Translation Method

From the time I receive a manuscript (in Spanish) to the time that I send a final translation (in English) to a client, I pass through the following steps: Initial review: I read the manuscript for understanding, look up terminology to clarify its meaning, and try to get an overall perspective on the subject, determineContinue reading “My Translation Method”

What makes a good translator? (LIST)

What makes a good translator? I have compiled a list of some of the qualities that I consider to define an excellent translator. A good translator has: Extensive knowledge of target language. While it is obvious that an excellent translator must have working knowledge of two languages, it is also essential that they have superbContinue reading “What makes a good translator? (LIST)”